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  Keep Walton Beautiful & Recycling Center

Phone:  770-267-1421         Fax:  770-267-1423

2051   Leroy  Anderson  Road,  SE,  Monroe,  Ga    30655



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We encourage each and every Walton County citizen to visit the Walton County Recycling Center on Leroy Anderson Road and ask questions about recycling and how recycling has a direct impact on our environment. 

Knowledge is power !

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is a non profit organization, representing Walton County Georgia, which depends on community involvement of programs for recycling, conservation, beautification and environmental education to ensure our planet's healthy future.  Our program focuses on changing citizen's attitudes and behaviors toward littering and waste management

KWB was organized in 1980 under the auspices of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. (KAB) and in conjunction with Keep Georgia Beautiful, Inc. (KGB).  Governed by local board of directors, KWB operates through grants, private and charitable contributions, in addition to funding and support from the Walton County Board of Commissioners.  KWB depends on a variety of volunteers, organizations, schools and business' throughout Walton County for assistance with several programs contributing to environmental education year round.

Our purpose is to build partnerships with government, community and business leaders to develop and sustain significant reduction in litter.  Together we help develop comprehensive solutions to water, recycling and other environmental issues.  The quality of life in a community improves when waste and litter are properly managed making landscapes aesthetically pleasing.  Thanks to environmental educational organizations such as KAB, KGB and KWB, citizens are being taught how to take actions to protect our planet's future and in the process becoming strong environmental stewards.  Some of our programs include Wildflower Project, Adopt A Stream or Highway, America Recycles Day, Bring One for the Chipper, Arbor Day, Great American Cleanup, Rivers Alive and many more.

By volunteering with KWB, you become a vital part of the effort to improve our community through hands on programs that make a difference in the quality of life for every Walton County Citizen.  Please give us a call 770-267-1421 x 5.

2013 ~ 2014

Keep Walton Beautiful


Chairman: Holly Smith

Vice Chairman: Jessica Fox

Treasurer:  Beth Brown

Secretary:  Stephanie Tate

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Keep American Beautiful

Keep Georgia Beautiful

With the assistance of our volunteers,

Keep Walton Beautiful is constant striving to improve Walton County's environmental concerns. 

Listed are a few of our recognition achievement awards.

2007-The Clean Air Campaign

2009 Keep America Beautiful: Presidents' Circle

2006- Rivers Alive (Lake Category)

and many more for over 19 years